Monday, November 30, 2015

"Pastillas Girl's" Mom Shot Dead

The fatal shooting of Angelica Yap's (Pastillas Girl) mother, Teresa was caught in a CCTV camera in Barangay 131, Caloocan City on Nov. 29, Sunday.

It was the night of November 29, Sunday when Teresa Yap, mother of "Pastillas Girl" along with her other daughter and niece decided to eat on Tagaytay Street Calocoon when a gunned men approach them and shoot Teresa on a close range from behind. 

The gunned man fled after the incident. Immediately, Teresa was brought to Chinese General Hospital but pronounced dead before midnight. Pastillas Girl followed to the hospital right after hearing about the news.

Weeks before the shooting, a relative revealed that Teresa is receiving death threats through text messages but chooses to ignore the threats.

Police investigators are currently gathering information regarding the incident.

Watch the fatal shooting of Teresa, mother of "Pastillas Girl" below.


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