Monday, November 02, 2015

Hello Adele, Elen, and Lionel Video

Adele, Drake and Lionel Richie Have the Most Ridiculous Phone Conversations with Ellen DeGeneres. 

Ellen DeGeneres gets phone calls from Adele, Drake and Lionel Richie – all within the matter of minutes. Well at least that's how it looks in Ellen's Thursday episode of The Ellen DeGeneres Show.

TV host Ellen DeGeneres pokes fun at the mash-up and shows off her own version on her show "Ellen." As Adele's "Hello" continues to gain millions of hits online a lot of artists including Lionel Richie has reacted since Richie also had a song with the same title. 

Richie in his interview said that he and Adele have no tensions regarding their hits with the same title. "I was so amazed, everyone said, 'Lionel, Adele is doing your song 'Hello,'' and I said, 'No she's not,' and all of a sudden I heard 'Hello,'" he explained to the magazine.

Richie continued saying how Adele didn't cover his "Hello" song but only the title. "But it's Adele. Even though she didn't cover the song but the word 'Hello,'" he told DuJour magazine. "Automatically everyone called me on the phone and said she used 'Hello,' and I said, 'Well, I kind of own Hello, haha. But not to the point where it's any kind of problem. I'll loan 'Hello' to Adele," he said.


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