Thursday, October 01, 2015

Why the Mason Jar Trend Needs to Die

Once upon a time, in 1858, a Philadelphia-based tinsmith named John Landis Mason patented a glass-canning jar meant for…canning.

Fast-forward about 150 years, and the Mason jar has gone viral beyond his wildest dreams. We admit it was kind of cute at first. But now: Enough already! People are turning Mason jars into wedding-day goblets; cupcake holders; cocktail glasses at parties and hip bars; bathroom storage filled with cotton balls and Q-tips; even $1,250 chandeliers (shudder).
That these uses are mostly hideous seems to be lost on a wide swath of the American population, many of whom long to feel folksy and old-fashioned as they blog and Instagram their latest lifestyle creations.
We’re gonna guess that our hard-working ancestors are 100% disturbed by this. One reason: Most of them scrimped and saved for fine china and crystal glasses to serve their guests with—and we’re essentially serving ours in the Tupperware of yore. Will our great-grandchildren be pouring cocktails into Tupperware because it’s cute and “old-school?” Or using it to decorate around the house? Can you imagine?
Listen, we’re not against repurposing things. We’re just saying that this trend, like a jar of pickled beets that’s been sitting open a little too long, is well past its prime—and we are starving for what’s next. But that doesn’t mean we’ll ever tire of their intended, truly beautiful use: preserving food in a BPA-free, fully recyclable way. 

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