Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Thor vs. Superman!

Oh my God! I am torn ☹ has released this photo with caption "Thor vs. Superman! Who would win battle on Earth?"

Who do you think?

Now let's break down their powers:

Superman has amazing strength, speed like a lightning bolt, he can fly, x-ray vision and has various long range and utility attacks at his disposal. But, everyone knows his weakness. That green thingy called Kryptonite which has the ability to kill Superman. However we know it, Superman is indestructible...almost that is.

And now Thor, yes he has the speed, amazing strength, yea he has various long range and utility attacks at hand and not to mention his mighty hammer. Then there's Marvel who rates his strength and speed at 7 out of 7, durability and energy protection at 6 and intelligence at 2. Oh did I mention Thor's a God? Well, you should probably know that by now. His weakness...aside from his overwhelming pride and overconfidence? None.

Both are powerful in every sense of the word, it will be a hard battle between the two and it's anyone's guess who would win. For me I'd rather not think about it.

So who do you think will win?


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