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Get To Know Maine Mendoza

Maine Mendoza is one of the most popular celebrity today.  She's popularly known as Yaya Dub or the Dubsmash Queen of the Philippines, but unknown to others Maine Mendoza ( her real name) is actually a chef in real life.  How did it came to this, let's all read her story here.

Perhaps, everyone is familiar with the hit mobile application Dubsmash. Here in the Philippines, everybody got hooked into this online craze from young to adult and from ordinary people to celebrities. But the only person who got the spotlight is none other than the new face of Eat Bulaga.

From Maine Mendoza's blog here's what she says about how it all started.

I am Nicomaine Mendoza, but I prefer to be called Maine for short. I am twenty years of age (Oo, twenty lang ako!) And like everyone else, I am also just a normal teenager. I tell you, I am a completely sane person– though it may not seem like it at times– it just happened that I have this ridiculously side that I could not hide.
Making videos has been one of my favorite pastimes. I have always loved making and editing random clips. I want to express my crazy (and somehow imaginative) self through creating different sort of videos. I remember having the thought of shifting to another course that links with video making, editing and such when I was in college but since I didn’t want any inconvenience to come about during my mid-college years, I decided to stick with my first choice. And making videos became and remained a simple leisure interest from that moment on.
And as you have heard on TV shows and read on different online articles, I am a Culinary Arts graduate from De La Salle-College of Saint Benilde. So eto.. a lot of people have been questioning me why did I not pursue culinary track. I must admit I am already sick and tired of telling and explaining the reason why, but let me state the whole story here on my blog once and for all. Para sa ikatatahimik ng lahat.
I chose to take Hotel Restaurant and Institution Management course for college (mind you it’s different from plain HRM course in other universities) because in Benilde, on your sophomore year, you’ll be asked to choose which track (special course) to take; choosing from Hospitality management, Tourism management and Culinary Arts. Back then, I already had a plan on being a flight attendant/cabin crew when I graduate BUT when I knew that airlines does not necessarily pick applicants who are Tourism graduates, I’ve thought maybe it would be better if I take other track instead (of Tourism), just for me to acquire different knowledge and skills about other Hospitality-related stuff. So I ended up choosing Culinary Arts; well I was kind of interested in knowing culinary skills/terms and food preparation before anyway. I was also thinking, “What if this is course is meant for me?” or “What if I am meant to be inside the kitchen and not inside the plane?” there were so many ‘what ifs’. But as I go along my college years, I began to realize how apathetic I was towards cooking. And it made me think “Maybe I am better off inside the plane.” But! I gave it another try again– one last try– I have decided to take my internship in the US as a cook. Maybe, just maybe, I’ll get to like how the kitchen works in real life. So I flew to the States to see how things will go for me.
I liked it; considering the fact that I’ve dealt with eggs for six months, I think I can actually consider working inside the kitchen. But still, I didn’t think that cooking was for me. I mean, you’ll know it– you’ll know if something is (right) for you. So I flew back to the Philippines after my 6-month internship. I was planning to go back (to the US and work as a cook again) after graduation but my parents didn’t want me to. They wanted me to stay here in the Philippines perhaps set up own restaurant or be a flight attendant. And since I don’t think I can already manage a restaurant at this early age, I chose to pick the other option– become a flight attendant.
I was planning to try PAL (first) before going international. I was waiting for their hiring period so for the meantime, I worked/helped at our small family business. So there I became the tagagawa-ng-kung-anong-pwede; the boss (my mother) didn’t assign a particular position for me anymore for I was just working there part time– mapakinabangan lang muna.
Apparently, I had so much free time in the office. One time, I had the whole office to myself without anything to do. I got bored scrolling through different social media sites. (Which I didn’t think was even possible) And at that moment, Dubsmash was a hit…. The rest is history.
As you may have noticed, my face has been circulating all over the net recently (mostly on Facebook), and alam ko nakakairita na, kahit ako naiirita na sa pagmumukha ko eh. You probably have seen pictures and videos of me getting featured in TV shows, newspapers, several Facebook pages, blogs/write-ups and such. But what struck you most has got to be my appearance at the longest running noontime show in the Philippines, Eat Bulaga. Am I right? All was taken by surprise, including my friends; none of them knew that I am going to be part of the show. Even my closest friends didn’t know for I kept it between me and just my family. People were messaging me, asking how did I get to Eat Bulaga (that quick)? I get messages such as..
“Dati nagddubsmash ka lang dito sa Facebook, ngayon nasa Eat Bulaga ka na.”“Galing mo, Maine! Nasa Eat Bulaga ka na!”“Pano nangyari yun? Paano ka nadiscover?”
All of a sudden, everyone got curious as to how did Eat Bulaga got me. Maybe they saw a potential in me (through my dubsmash videos) to be a “Dabarkad”. I don’t know, until now I still cannot believe I am already part of the EB family. I still question myself every now and then, ano ba’ng ginawa ko? Ano ba’ng meron sakin? Bakit ako? Things like that.
I was blown by surprise when Eat Bulaga called me for an interview and VTR, few days later, they called again and told me that I made it. The following day they invited me to watch Juan For All-All For Juan segment live (I remember it was a Thursday); asked me to observe how things come off in the set and see if I am okay with it. I told them I am totally fine with everything and then the next thing I heard was..
“Okay good sa Sabado ka na illaunch.”I was like…
Though I am mentally freaking out already
I kept on saying in my head “Shiiiiiit, sa Sabado na. Kaya ko kaya?” I need to be mentally and physically prepared; pag sinimulan ko na to, there’s no backing out. I told myself I can do it! I need to do it! This is what I want!
Then it happened, last 4th of July, Dora the Explorer left for Africa and was replaced by her luxurious and snobbish grandmother named Nidora Explorer a.k.a Lola Dora along with her ‘alalay’ Divina Ursula Bokbokoba Smash a.k.a as Yaya Dub (Smash).
“This is it, eto na talaga ang simula sa pag tupad ng tunay kong pangarap”
Being a celebrity has always been my dream, at ngayon lang ako maglalakas loob ipaalam sa lahat na bata palang ako gusto ko nang mag artista. I used to think being a celebrity is unattainable (in my case) so I never really considered pursuing show business. I didn’t think I have what it takes to be one; good looks, charisma, talents etc. Pero eto na.. papunta na ako.. I am getting there.

I was excited and nervous at the same time. It was my first time to be on live TV and I had no idea on how the show would go. Even so, I think I did fine on my first day. (just fine) Well I tried my best to keep/look calm and poised. It’s already my seventh week at Juan For All and I must say I am really having a good time at the set! Nakakaride na ako. And the staff, gee, love ’em. I love how in a short time I feel like I already belong. :)
People would ask me “How are you taking all these things? All the attention, the fame and show business etc.” parang ako.. “Uhm, eto pa din ako, normal pa din.” In all honesty, the fact that I am getting much attention at the moment has not sunk in yet. People would tell me “Artista ka na!” and I’m just like.. “Ah, talaga ba? (Hindi ko feel)” I don’t know, I don’t consider myself as a “celebrity” yet. I look at the mirror everyday and see the same person that I used to see before all of these– still an average crazy girl– and I don’t think that will ever change. The way I look at it, the hype isn’t really about me– it’s about the show being such an entertaining entity.
Finally I feel like everything’s falling into place. I am VERY lucky to be where I am right now. Jesus Christ, thank You very much for giving me what I have always wanted. As I have mentioned, I used to think that I will never ever ever ever ever eeever (be able to) get here. Pero iba eh, things have turned around instantly in a fantastic way. Ang bilis ng mga pangyayari. Everything is actually still surreal every time I think about my life right now. And I believe things will get more interesting (and even more exhausting!) in the future and I hope to be able to keep up with the changes. Kailangan panindigan tong pinasok ko, ginusto ko eh. Anyway, masaya ako sa ginagawa ko.. and I couldn’t be happier and luckier. Right?
Let me also take this chance to express my gratitude to all Yaya Dub and Aldub supporters out there. Maraming maraming maraming salamat sa pagsuporta at sa pagtutok sa Eat Bulaga araw-araw! (Alden and) I couldn’t thank you all enough for the love and support you guys are showing and giving us. You guys are amazing in so many ways! Abangan nyo nalang ang mga susunod na mangyayari sa Kalyeserye. Kapit lang Aldub Nation, magtatagpo din si Yaya at Alden!
Source: Maine Mendoza's Blog

She, Nicomaine “Maine” Mendoza, is the newest face of the longest running noon-time variety show in the Philippines, Eat Bulaga. She's now known as 'Yaya Dub', the maid of Lola Nidora in the show's segment "Juan for All, All for Juan."

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