Saturday, July 04, 2015

Lee Min-ho composes a song and special footage

In celebration of his upcoming birthday, Lee Min-ho made a present for his fans.

He released footages of the making of his personally composed song, "Thank You" on his official fan page. He attached a special footage along with the song on the 22nd. In the footage, Lee Min-ho is singing the song he personally wrote for his fans. He worked hard on it to make it perfect.

The footage shows Lee Min-ho in a recording studio, at a concert, and taking pictures for magazines. The footage is made up of times he spent during his career and he can also be seen singing his song, wearing just a T-shirt and jeans. Fans from Japan, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Russia, India, Hungary, Turkey and other countries prepared a Happy Birthday footage for him, proving his global popularity.

"Thank You" was written by Lee Min-ho and was composed by composer and producer Hwang Chan-hee. Lee Min-ho is starring in the blockbuster movie "Bounty Hunters" and it will be released next year.


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