Thursday, June 25, 2015

Lee Min Ho surprises fans with tearful thank you message and new song on his birthday

Happy Birthday, Lee Min Ho! Hallyu star Lee Min Ho turned 29 (Korean age) on June 22, and his many millions of fans received a fantastic surprise: Lee Min Ho posted a thank you video message and also sang a song thanking his fans, to which he personally wrote the lyrics. Take a look at the videos and photos showing him opening gifts.

On June 22, we fans first saw 2 photos where Lee Min Ho was opening presents from his fans. His dog, Choco, was patiently sitting beside him to see the gifts.

And then even bigger and more delightful surprises came!
Here's Lee Min Ho saying thanks to his fans, collectively called Minoz fan club. You can clearly see the perfect man got emotional as he expressed his gratitude for his adoring fans.

(The following translation was posted by online user Zinnia in Soompi.)
Hello, this is Lee Min Ho.
A great many people celebrated my birthday, and I really appreciate it and I'm happy.
This is a really gloomy and sad birthday because it is my last one of the twenties [he chuckles], but I think I can enjoy it thanks to you.
Thank you again for celebrating my birthday, and I wish you'll be always happy.
Thank you.
Lee Min Ho explained why he gifted fans with the song through his agency, Starhaus Entertainment: “After my debut, my twenties were all the more meaningful and happy because of my fans who were by my side. I wanted to create a memory with my fans.”
Aren't you touched by Lee Min Ho's heartfelt thank you message and song?
Happy Birthday, Lee Min Ho! We fans also thank you for bringing us days of sunshine and happiness with your smiles and encouragement.
In the meantime, we can't wait for his new movie, Bounty Hunters, and new dramas to come.

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