Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Lee Min Ho confirmed to star in new action movie Bounty Hunters

It's just been confirmed on June 8 that popular Korean actor Lee Min Ho will star in a new action thriller movie titled Bounty Hunters.  The new movie promises to have drama, comedy, and plenty of action.

Lee Min Ho will play a brilliant bounty hunter who is not only incredibly skilled at martial arts but is also charmingly eccentric and cute. According to the report by Star News, Lee was selected for his martial arts and action abilities. These skills were demonstrated in the extremely popular City Hunter drama and his role in the movie Gangnam Blues.
As the name suggests, Lee Min Ho won't be the only bounty hunter in the movie. The story will be about 5 bounty hunters who meet accidentally and collaborate to hunt for a hotel bomber. Filming locations will include South Korea, China, Hong Kong, and Thailand.
Let's not forget possible romance. The film is expected to star a top actress from China. There is some talk that mentions Chinese actress Angelababy, but there is no official announcement from the production yet. 
Bounty Hunters is a joint project that will involve several Asian entertainment companies including Starhaus Entertainment production, Pegasus Motion Pictures, and Harmony Entertainment. The budget is reported to be 35 billion won (or US$31 million.) Lee Min Ho's popularity that spans across continents is expected to lead the movie to appeal to an international audience.
Filming for Bounty Hunters is scheduled to start this August with the movie being released in early 2016. South Korean director Shin Tae Ra, well known for the movies My Girlfriend is a Secret Agent (2009) and Runway Cop (2012), will direct the new movie.
In the meantime, Lee Min Ho is reportedly considering a TV drama.
Are you excited about Lee Min Ho's new movie? I know I can't wait to see it. 


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