Friday, May 15, 2015

Goodbye Elena Gilbert!

Season 1 - There are some moments you just can't forget. Elena and Stefan were soulmates.

Season 2 - Elena's life will never be the same after these two.

 Season 3 - The things Elena would do for love.

Season 4 - The many phases of Elena will never be forgotten.

Season 5 - Elena is the best friend Caroline and Bonnie could ever have.

Season 6 - Cheers to Elena Gilbert.

For six seasons, Elena Gilbert has been the beating heart of The Vampire Diaries. From her epic love story with Stefan Salvatore to her death—and subsequent epic love story with Damon Salvatore—she’s been at the center of it all. And actress Nina Dobrev has been even more central to the show, taking on multiple roles thanks to Elena’s doppelganger history. There was Katherine Pierce, there was Amara, and on The Originals, there was even Tatia.

But now, all that has come to an end as Dobrev prepares to leave TVD to explore new adventures. And although the show will continue on without her—as we all know, you don’t need a beating heart to live on in Mystic Falls—she will surely be missed … and not just by the Salvatores.

Goodbye Elena Gilbert!


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