Saturday, May 02, 2015

Every Day, This Tiny Poodle Takes The Same Trip. Where She Goes? It'll Leave You In Tears

Meet Nala, the teacup poodle who brings unlimited joy and companionship to residents of the Lyngblomsten nursing home in Minnesota.

Nala officially belongs to Doug Dawson. He brought her to work one day and none of their lives have been the same since.

Now, Nala can be found scurrying through the halls, riding the elevator by herself and sitting on the laps of many residents.

Once a whiny dog, she is now happy and content to be helping others. Dawson says she's here for a purpose and doing God's work.

He also admits that these days, him and Nala just meet and pass in the hallways at work--she's too occupied doing her rounds--that she decides for herself--to hang out with him much.

Nala is busy acting the role of a therapy dog, although she has had no official training. It's quite incredible, really.

Residents say that Nala is an angel. She has been found resting with the bodies of those who have passed on. She is, and always will be, a great service animal--certification or not.

Want to see Nala in action? Here she is:

Truly an angel.


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