Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Want To Show Your Dog How Much You Love Them? Read This!

Sloppy kisses, cuddles on the couch, and tail wags…There are many different (and adorable) ways our furry friends show us their love. Do the same for them by showing how much you care about them in ways they will understand!

7. Take Them For A Walk.

A daily walk is healthy and fun for any dog, and for you! They get to spend time with their favorite person, explore the neighborhood, and release some of their energy. It really is a win-win! Grab their leash, slip on your tennis shoes, and enjoy the outdoors with your furry friend.

6. Puppy Play Date!

Whether it’s a trip to the dog park or inviting a friend over for an afternoon play session, setting up play dates is beneficial for your dog’s mental and physical health. Plus, it’s just fun! Grab your favorite pal and their dog and have a puppy play date!

5. Treat Them With A Tasty Surprise!

No dog can resist a delicious treat! These Himalayan Dog Chew Yaky Yam Very Veggie dog treats are baked, gluten-free, and made of healthy, nourishing ingredients. Yum!

4. Cuddle Time!

Nothing beats cuddling on the couch with your best friend! Your dog enjoys lazy nights on the couch almost as much as you do, as long as they get to cuddle with you! Pop in a movie, grab a blanket, and spend some quality time with your furry best friend. You won’t regret it!

3. Take A Trip To The Dog Park.

Look up the local dog parks in your area and pick the one that works best for you and your dog. Visiting a dog park allows your dog to make friends, explore new smells, and exercise. Dog parks are a great way to give your dog the socialization and play time that they need!

Tip #2 is sure to please your pooch!

2. Surprise Them With A New Toy!

No dog can resist a brand new toy! I try to avoid stuffed toys in my house because they tend to last about two seconds before being shredded all over the floor. Such a mess! I’ve recently discovered puzzle toys, and I’m in love! You will love watching them try to figure this puzzle toy out, and you can also feel good knowing that they are being mentally stimulated while having fun.

There are lots of toys to choose from, but this awesome puzzle is one of my favorites:

Your dog will have a blast with this interactive puzzle toy, and you will love how it keeps them busy for hours!

1. Pet Them!

Probably one of the most obvious, but also overlooked, ways to show your dog how much you care is to simply pet them. Talking on the phone? Pet them with your other hand. Watching TV? Give them a good scratching while enjoying your favorite show. Better yet, devote your full attention to them and spoil them with endless amounts of petting! They deserve it!

What are some of the ways that you show your dog how much you love them?


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