Thursday, April 30, 2015

Dream Small: Oregon Man Turns Trailer Into Tiny House, Sells It for $36,500

What was once an old trailer is now a cozy, 200-square-foot guesthouse that wouldn’t be a bad spot to live in permanently. And the project’s brainchild was able to sell his creation on Craigslist for more than $35,000.

First described in Oregon Live (and detailed in Treehugger), this trailer-turned-living space was the brainchild of Ron Rusnak of Ashland, Ore. Rusnak finally decided to do something with the old trailer that was just sitting in his backyard, so he converted it into an enviable guesthouse.

The walls and ceilings are fully insulated. He also added lots of windows and two doors, with the goal of letting in light and opening up the cozy space.

The trailer’s small size requires lots of hidden storage space; there’s even some under the floor. The dining room table seats two, but you can expand it to four if you have some friends over to play cards.

The kitchen is tiny but efficient. It has 24-inch cabinets and counters made of maple hardwood. The Grohe pull-down faucet and Franke stainless steel sink give it a modern touch.

And, surprise of all surprises, even with the small space you don’t need one of those mini refrigerators like the kind you see in college dorms. There’s room for a decent-sized 10.5-cubic-foot refrigerator/freezer.

An 8-square-foot sleeping loft overlooks the living area. It’s accessible by a movable ladder made from Brazilian wood. Inside rests a king-sized futon which sleeps two (albeit cozily). Here’s a loft’s-eye view of the kitchen, and the four-burner propane range and Summit exhaust hood.

… and another overhead look at the living room furniture, which like much of the loft, has hidden storage space.

More windows. The trailer also has a bathroom with a 32-inch shower.The exterior features a removable 5-by-16-foot cedar deck to lounge around outside.

The trailer-turned-guesthouse turned out to be a popular project. Rusnak sold it three weeks after listing it on Craigslist. He got $36,500, which is nice. But too bad this wasn’t an apartment in Manhattan; he easily could have gotten a million.

Dream small...


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