Saturday, April 11, 2015

Disney Princess Birthstone Rings

Do you know that there are Disney Princesses that will match your birthstone rings? Checkout these list of Disney princess birthstone rings and find out what fits perfectly for you!

SnowWhite (Garnet)

Born in the month of January? Snow White’s ring would be perfect for you. Its center stone is made up of Garnet, similar to Snow Whites red lips with accents of diamonds as white as her radiant skin placed in a sterling silver band.

Rapunzel (AMETHYST)

Looking for a special gift for your girlfriend? If her birthday is on the month of February, she would appreciate Rapunzel’s ring made of Amethyst stone with sapphire accents placed in a 24k gold band. If she’s a bit emotional sometimes, make her wear this ring to remove guilt and fear and to make her calm.

Cinderella (AQUAMARINE)

The Aquamarine stone is a symbol for youth, health and hope, characteristics that are very similar to Cinderella. If you were born on the month of March and you possess the same qualities like Cinderella this ring studded with diamond accents, surrounding the Aquamarine stone placed in a platinum band would be perfect for you!


Have you searched for your one true love? The Frog Prince had found his, and he’s going to give Tiana this amazing diamond ring. Diamonds are the most popular stone used for engagement rings not just because it’s pretty but it also symbolizes love. So if you’re deeply in love with your girl, give her this Diamond ring with accents of green Tourmaline placed in a gorgeous platinum band.


Emerald is the birthstone of May and is one of the rarest gemstones. However, if you feel troubled finding out who you really are, think about Mulan who gave honor to her family by taking courage of joining the war despite she was a girl. If you wear this Emerald ring with black onyx accents, you can always remind yourself that you can do anything if you just believe in it.


Do you want to own a gorgeous gemstone just like in Jasmine’s headband? Then you must try this Alexandrite ring placed in a sterling silver band studded with diamonds. You would be very lucky ones you have this birthstone ring in your hand because Alexandrite rings are rare and it’s fascinating how it changes color based on the lighting! This ring can make you stand out in any occasion.

Ariel (RUBY)

If you’re a fan of red, you will love Ariel’s ring center stone with Rubies. This represents love, health and wisdom. Just like Ariel who was very curious to know about the people living on land and finally search her true love Prince Eric, you can also do the same thing! Aside from the beauty it brings, it can also give you good fortune, so you must try wearing it now before your luck disappears!

Tinkerbell (PERIDOT)

With just a little bit of trust and Pixie dust, you can have Tinkerbell’s ring. Its center stone is made up of Peridot, the birthstone for the month of August that symbolizes power and influence, which is very similar to Tink’s powers. The band is made of sterling silver studded with diamonds that makes it so adorable. If you were born on the month of August then you really have to wear this Disney birthstone ring.


Sapphire is the birthstone for the month of September and it symbolizes loyalty and trust. This ring is perfect for girls who are like Princess Anna because she stayed loyal to her sister and still trust her despite Elsa brought an Eternal Winter to their kingdom. It’s band has a very intricate design resembling a snowflake but studded with Blue Sapphire on the center stone while pink and green sapphires are the accents on the sides. You definitely have to wear this if you were born in the month of September.

Aurora (OPAL)

You shouldn’t wait any longer to slip this beautiful ring in your hand. If you were born in the month of October, you really deserve Aurora’s ring with Opal as a center stone and tourmaline accents place on a 24k gold. This Disney birthstone ring is simply stunning and would definitely brighten up your mood each day!

Belle (TOPAZ)

The cold November months can be warmed up by the birthstone Topaz and Citrine which were said to be a gift from the Sun. It is also believed that these are healing gemstones, which seems to be legit because Belle turned Beast into a Prince after breaking the curse! This wonderful 24k gold ring studded with Topaz on the center and citrine as its cornerstone are perfect for girls who were born in the month of November.


There is only one Disney Princess that you can think of during the freezing months of December and that is Elsa from frozen! And if you were born in the month of December you definitely have to wear Elsa’s ring too! It’s band is made up of platinum studded with a combination of zircon and tanzanite accents and Turquoise as it’s center stone.

Luckily, I got my favorite Disney princess on my birth month!
 It's Ariel...



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Rose Henderson said...

Ah! Belle would be my birthstone ring! Yay, she is one of my favorite princesses! The silver ring on the top is so gorgeous and I would wear it every day. Do you know were people can actually get these?