Wednesday, April 01, 2015

A Mom Let Her Three Year-Old Son Dress Her For A Week, These Are The Results

As kids grow up they begin to discover who they are and what their likes and dislikes are. When they reach the age of two to three, they want to begin dressing themselves and expressing who they are. We all know how this goes - a few colorful outfits and mismatched socks and shoes, but the cuteness overload makes up for it.

That, and the self-expression thing. What if your child wants to start helping you get dressed? You picked their clothes out for so long, why not let them take a stab at your wardrobe? This is what one mom did when she let her three year-old toddler Rockwell dress her for  a week.

Summer Bellessa, a blogger for babble, took the fashion world by storm when she let her son dress her for a week. Summer is an actress, former model, fashion blogger and one half of the duo The Girls With Glasses. Each day her son pulled articles from her closet and created looks with flare. Here are her sons creations.

Day 1: Casual chic meets the office beach.

Summer was thrilled when he pulled the Dylan tee with the skirt and tights, however, "But then before I could finish, he pointed to my nude heels. 'Are you sure you want to pair these tights with these shoes?' I leadingly asked. 'Yup,' he added without hesitation. 'And the blue sweatshirt.'"

Day 2: Mickey Mouse Club.

Minnie meets Mickey with these polka dots! This is not that bad, shoes aside.

Day 3: The flower power.

Starting with the socks, her son built this outfit up. Professing his love for flowers, the socks were a must for the day. The flowery dress was a perfect match, with the flower theme and all. Add some shoes and something to keep you warm. “Should I put a sweater on?” I yelled to him. 'Or how about this jacket?' he timidly asked. 'That would be perfect,' I gushed. It was so much fun to see his face when I followed through with what he suggested."

Day 4: The Layering Hipster.

This outfit may not seem displeasing to the eye, but Summer had a bit of a struggle. On day four he chose three shirts for his mom, and no pants. Her son decided to return one of the shirts in favor of pants and grabbed two shoes.

Summer blames her closet's disorganization to the two different leopard print shoes she had the honor of sporting for the day.

Summer has two young ones at home.

Day 5: The Casual Cowboy?

Here we see Rockwell's love for arrows brought forth with a pair of regular jeans. Rockwell was very disappointed she did not own any pants with arrows and informed her she needed to purchase some soon.

Day five concluded the fashion frenzy filled week and little Rockwell was able to return to his regular lifestyle.

Now, would you let your 3 year old child dress you?


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