Monday, April 13, 2015

7 Signs You Are Ready For A Second Dog

Adding a new dog to your family is an exciting decision, but one that should be thoroughly discussed before any additions are made. There are many factors to consider before you add another dog into your household. It’s important to take an unbiased, objective, and realistic look at your current family situation before making the decision to welcome another dog into your home. Read through this list to see if you are ready for a second dog.

7. Everyone Is On Board

Adding a new dog to a family should not be a light decision. It’s a big responsibility, and one that every member of your family should be on the same page about. Your spouse, children, roommates, and other animals should all be excited and ready to expand your household.

6. Landlord approved

Some rentals have a limit on how many animals you can legally have at your unit. Make sure you are familiar with your lease details, and that your landlord is on board with your decision before adding another dog to your household.

5. You Have The Space

Two dogs may make travelling a bit harder. You need two leashes, two possible crates, and a car big enough for two dogs, depending on their size. If you add another Great Dane to your household, your sports car probably isn’t going to cut it for family trips anymore. Make sure your current setup works for another pup, or adjust accordingly before adopting.

4. You Can Afford One

Two dogs lead to twice the fun, and twice the stuff! Buying double the food, double the toys, and double the leashes and collars adds up over time. Double vet visits, boarding costs, and grooming appointments are all things you should consider. Make sure you can financially handle the responsibility of another dog before adopting.

3. Your Dog Wants A Friend

Dogs are naturally pack animals, and some dogs would welcome a furry friend into the household with open arms paws. Some dogs prefer being an only child. You know your pup better than anyone, and you should realistically evaluate whether or not a second dog would blend well with your current family.

2. You Have The Time

Two dogs require twice the attention. You will need to carve out separate one-on-one time with each dog and schedule separate training sessions. Make sure you have the time in your life to properly care for and love two dogs. Just because they have each other for company does not mean they don’t still need attention from you!

1. Your Dog Is Well Trained

If your dog has good manners and is well trained, that means you had the time to spend with him to teach him how to behave, which is a good sign! We’re not saying that your old dog will teach your new dog to be a gentleman, but it will be much easier to handle the training of both dogs if one is already trained!


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