Friday, February 06, 2015

Oh my Wombat!

Meet the world's oldest wombat, Patrick.

Wombat is a species of animal with pouch at the back of the body and it is a four legged mammal that looks quite cute and cuddly. However, Patrick, the Wombat in question is somewhat different from other Wombats. He is the oldest one in captivity and he has already lived more than what the expected lifespan of the wombats is. He is 27, while the average lifespan is 20. He can surely be called the Wombat king and he is one of the cutest in the species.

There are stories behind finding Pat. His mother was run over when he was just a baby. He was rescued from his mother’s pouch and since then, he has lived with the human beings in the rehabilitation center. He loves to be with humans and is scared of the idea of being left in the wild. People from the rehabilitation have tried to leave him in the wild for several times but they have failed, as Pat found his way back to the center every single time. He loves to be cuddled and handled with love by his handlers. He is so cute that you will not be able to resist his face.

Would you like to pet one?


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