Monday, August 04, 2014

Rainbow Loom: Holiday Bracelet

Hello there, here's another Rainbow Loom Bracelet design called Holiday Bracelet.

From the original design made by Suzanne of the Official Rainbow Loom in YouTube, Holiday Bracelet is called Holiday because of the color combination made on this bracelet which is Red and Green. As we all know, red and green is the color of holidays. But to make my bracelet different I thought of combing pink and black.

Combination of colors is endless in making rainbow loom bracelets. The choice is yours and do what ever makes you happy.

To continue with the tutorial, you will need:

36 Pink Rubber Bands
36 Black Rubber Bands
Loom Board

Instructional Video: From the Official Rainbow Loom on YouTube.

Your loom board should look like this after placing your rubber bands.

After looming, it should now look like this:

Looming should be easy and the result... TADA!

The Holiday Bracelet.

Making this Holiday bracelet is so much fun! I'll make more...

Until then Cute-rs,

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