Friday, August 01, 2014

Rainbow Loom: Diamond Bracelet

Here's a Rainbow Loom Bracelet design called Diamond Bracelet. This is a beginner level.

Diamond Bracelet

You will need:

14 Purple Rubber Bands
12 Pink Rubber Bands
12 Orange Rubber Bands
12 Green Rubber Bands
Loom Board

Instructional Video: From the Official Rainbow Loom on YouTube.

Here's your loom board should like after placing the bands:

After looming the rubber bands, your loom board should look like this:

If you are using only 1 loom board you will need an extension to make the bracelet fit your wrist. The number of rubber bands that you will use for the extension will depend upon the size of your wrist. This is how the extension should look like on your loom board.

The finished Diamond Bracelet:

Here's another Diamond Bracelet I made using two colors of rubber bands.

Color combinations are endless...just like the design for rainbow loom. Another easy and simple design brought to us by the Official Rainbow Loom. How did your Diamond Bracelet goes?

Until my next entry. Happy looming!


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