Friday, March 28, 2014

Kathryn Bernardo a certified Dog Lover!

Kathryn held a Dog Party last week. Celebrities joined in by bringing their dogs to the party,'s a dog party right. What's a dog party without dogs?

The party was celebrated by the birthday girl's friends in the industry. And along with them are their furiends. Take a look at the party's photos.

with Lestre Zapanta - The Pinoy Dog Whisperer

Did you know what Kathryn asked Daniel Padilla for her 18th birthday? A dog, Golden Retriever to be specific. But someone else already got her that so Daniel gave her a different one.

"Welcome to the family #snow!"

Kathryn showed her new pet on Instagram last Thursday and see how happy she was.  Meet "Snow", the cute adorable puppy.

To Kathryn, Happy 18th Birthday! Cheers...


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