Saturday, March 29, 2014

"Engagement, maybe yes. Marriage, pass muna." -- Luis Manzano

Yes, Luis Manzano would be very happy to marry Angel Locsin but not yet.

At the Makati Shangrila Hotel, on March 27, 2014 Luis Manzano talked about his future with actress and real-life girlfriend Angel Locsin.

Although, he already planned a future with actress, Angel, Luis also admits that there are things he still wanted to accomplish before settling down with her.

Luis said in an interview, “Engagement, maybe yes. Marriage? To be perfectly honest, I still want to do some things. I still want to make more money,” Luis said, adding that he still has to work hard to give his family the life that they deserve. “I have this idea of a good life that I want to give my soon-to-be family. With my current income I can give a good life maybe in two, three years.”

For sure a lot for fans will be happy when the time comes that this love birds get settled. And who wouldn't be happy for them? Not too long now...not too long now...


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