Monday, February 17, 2014

It's Official! Luis Manzano and Angel Locsin are now back with each other...

"I am very, very happy. Grabe how happy I am." -- Luis

In an interview with Luis Manzano in "The Buzz ng Bayan" he proudly admitted the he is now officially Angel Locsin's boyfriend. He said that a spark rekindle and everything just fell into place. It was always in God's perfect time.

Luis also defended that Angel was never the reason for his break up with Jennelyn Mercado nor him being the reason for Angel's break up with Phil Younghusband. “How is that even possible? For three years na walang text, walang kahit ano. In fact, Angel was even scared to see me for the first time dahil iniisip niya na it would be so much negativity. That’s why we also didn’t want to see each other. Naisip namin na kapag nakita kami, it would breed negativity. We were on that stage. How could I be the reason of their breakup and how could she be the reason of my breakup?” he said.

On marriage, “This year, maybe not. In 2015, we’ll call you,” he told Boy Abunda.

When you are in love and happy, you thank God, and so does Luis. “I am very, very happy. Grabe how happy I am. Ang pinanggagalingan nun is faith -- faith that there is something called ‘in God’s perfect time.’ It proves that every smile or every tear you go through in life has its reason. And you’re supposed to be who you are no matter what you’ve experienced in the past, whether it be happiness or a low point, you’re supposed to be there for a reason,” he said.

It's so nice to know this things really happen to real people.

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