Monday, January 13, 2014

Billy Crawford Announces Love for Coleen Garcia

Billy Crawford: "She means a lot to me and I love her to be my girlfriend."

There are speculations going around since Billy Crawford and ex-girlfriend, Nikki Gil broke up. The rumor is about Coleen's involvement as the third party. This issue was not answered however.

But today, Billy is breaking his silence. While Coleen remains mum on the issue despite people calling her "ahas," Billy on his interview with Boy Abunda on "The Buzz Ng Bayan" Sunday, January 12, confirmed the news. "To  be honest with you, yes, I did asked Coleen to watch the [NBA game at Barclays Center] game with me. I wanted to spend time with Coleen and have dinner with her. But we are not boyfriend and girlfriend yet."

When asked if he is pursuing Coleen to be his girlfriend, Billy, looking directly at the camera, said "Yes, nililigawan ko. I would love her to be my girlfriend. Bilang lalaki, I will pursue her. Paninindigan ko siya."

On why they decided not to talk immediately about their close friendship leading to public's bad impression about them, Billy quickly said what they have was not part of why he chose to close his chapter with former girlfriend. "I think that was my fault. That's the reason why at one point she really wanted to pull away just didn’t want to have anything to do with me. But Coleen is definitely not part of my past relationship at all.”

Billy also thanked Coleen for being his inspiration and a reason to look forward to a more serious relationship with her. "You mean a lot to me. You motivate me into going to work every day and I just enjoy who I am now. I just want to say I’ll be here for you as a friend or maybe even more."

Despite the confession others are still raising an eyebrow on whether this is true or not.


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