Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Anne Curtis Apologizes for Slapping Fellow Celebrities

Last Friday, Anne Curtis hosted a bachelorette party. After a few drinks here and there she became drunk and slapped fellow celebrities like John Lloyd Cruz and two more others.

On the actress' social media site she expresses her remorse and send out apology to her fans.

Anne Curtis said,

Hey everyone. I will be making my official statement now & after this, I will not be giving any interviews about this issue anymore.
I choose to do this right away because I've always been an open book & I don't like to hide anything...
For those who have read about the issue, yes, most of it is true. I admit to that & I have apologized to all parties included immediately...
When I was told of my behavior AND the person who started all of this, due to this persons inappropriate behavior, apologized to me too...
Just as I did. Which I accepted too. I choose not to go into detail because I'm not the type to ruin someone else's name...
Now.. I had been on the super popular juice cleanse for 3 days & attended my best friends bachelorette that night, had one too many drinks..
which led to some of these unfortunate events. That's why they say 'Drink in moderation'. I will charge it to experience & a lesson learned.
I'm sorry if I let any of my fans down.... As you all see, I'm just like any other person that makes mistakes in life...
Thank you to everyone that has messaged me about their support. With where I am today I owe all of you my honesty. Good night.
Today, is a new beginning. Anne admitted her mistakes, apologizes by sending text messages and sending message on her twitter account. Luckily, most of them accepted her apology immediately.

Her tweet:

Good Morning everyone. Today is a brand new day!

This only goes to show that every body make mistakes. Whoever we are and whatever we do, sometimes we make mistakes that we are not proud of. But that one or a few act of silliness doesn't mean that we are a bad person. It keeps our feet planted on the ground and by it learn more about humility.

All the best,

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