Friday, October 04, 2013

"Juan dela Cruz" Will End on Oct. 25, 2013

The Season finale for "Juan dela Cruz" is set this October. So what's next for Coco Martin?

After airing for almost a year, ABS-CBN top-rating superhero series "Juan dela Cruz" is about to end its successful run. The primetime hit, starring actor Coco Martin in the title role, is now down to its last three weeks with its final episode scheduled to air on October 25.

Coco Martin will have a week of rest after "Juan dela Cruz" then he'll go back to working again. He'll do a mainstream movie and an indie film. Coco also wishes to do a horror movie someday with Kris Aquino hopefully. He's not into comedy really but he can try. His passion lies more on action films.

For almost a year, "Juan dela Cruz" has set high for TV's top ratings during prime time. It's a successful story for Juan dela Cruz. But like all stories, it must come to an end. But hold your horses right there Cute-rs, Juan dela Cruz will not leave us just yet. ABS-CBN is currently cooking a movie out of this series according to Coco Martin. But like he said, nothing is final yet. So we'll have to wait and see if Juan dela Cruz can penetrate the big screen by next year.

But don't be sad Cute-rs, Coco Martin will sure be back for more...until then!


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