Friday, September 06, 2013

Crochet Project: Visor Beanie

It's the color of Christmas!

Hi there Cute-rs! Another successful crochet project. This one is easy, I made little revisions on the end to make the beanie a little snug to the head.

For me a combination of red and green reminds me more of Christmas. It's warm and leaves me with familiar feeling of home. This is the color combination that one of my house helper choice for me to work on her beanie. She chooses the pattern and the color. Well, it's good combination though.

The pattern is from this link: it's downloadable so you can have the pattern saved on your computer.

This is the model of this pattern:

I made a little revisions on the end part. I also used two yarns for the brim. And to my surprised, it went out perfectly well.

Very nice indeed!

Nice right? Until my next crochet project.

Happy Crochet!


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