Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Third Crochet Beanie Project: Steeple Chase Hat Bargello Crochet

Something that I crocheted out of black and white yarns!

This third beanie that I crocheted was specially made for my Hubby's cousin. Her favorite color is white so I thought of adding a touch of black to give the beanie an accent.

Here's the beanie in the making, it's starting to form.

I used: 3 pcs. Yarn (Red Heart): 2 shades - 01 and 1 shade - 101. The pattern is from The tutorial is very easy to follow. You won't get lost on it, provided you know the basic stitches.

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On this entry I also want to discuss about making a "Magic Circle". Magic Circle is one way of starting your project. Follow this link on how to make a magic Circle:

Most project requires you to start your project with a magic circle or magic loop. While other projects let you start with a chain circle.

The difference of the two is subtle. The project started with a regular chain circle and the project started with the magic loop or magic circle has different effect on the look of your final project.

The regular chain circle generally leaves a small hole in the center but with the magic loop, you start crocheting over the tail no matter what so you always cinch the hole shut and it stars shut.

I hope this give you some information on how to start your project as I it helps me too in most of my project.

Until the next entry Cute-rs...

Happy Crocheting...♥


I would like to thank my daughter for modeling all of my crochet projects. ت

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