Sunday, August 04, 2013

Second Crochet Beanie Project: Dimple Hat Crochet

This pattern is really cute!

I specifically made this cute dimple beanie for my daughter's new Korean friend. Her name is Soo Yon, she has a bubbly personality and so we thought that this color combination of pinks would be perfect.

I found this pattern easy and fun to make, especially the dimples.

I used 4 pcs. Yarn (Red Heart): 1 Shade 02, 2 Shade 13, 1 Shade 18 and Hook 5mm. The top is a Basic Crown of a Beanie crochet, see tutorial here: After you made the top you can follow it up with different patterns, as for me I chose a dimple design with pattern from Claire see her youtube tutorial here: Then lastly is the band. You may or may not add brim if you like.

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As per my last entry, here are the different failed crochet slippers that I made.



I had difficult times in fitting the slipper, for some reason the slipper does not fit perfectly. It's too loose! As you can see I tried twice but to on my third try I got it. Want to see it? Will post it soon...

I'm so happy with my crochet projects! Keep that hooks going...


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