Friday, August 09, 2013

Fourth Crochet Beanie Project: Cross-Over Long DC Hat

This is called a "Cross-Over Long DC Hat" because of the cross-over long dc stitch design. And later I'm gonna give you a link on how to do that. And believe me it's easy.

My fourth crochet hat was for my daughter's friend and  former classmate. Her name is Larah and so I want to give her something simple but cute.

Shagne, my daughter, picked the color. She said it's Larah's favorite. Then I browsed through the internet and found this really cute pattern. This is where I followed the pattern:

Skill Level is Easy/Intermediate. I enjoyed making the cross-over long dc stitch, you may thought it's difficult to do but No! It's very easy.

To make the cross-over long dc stitch, yarn over and insert the hook from front to back into designated stitch. Yarn over at the back and pull through. You should have three loops on your hook. Yarn over and pull through first two loops. Yarn over and pull through last two loops. Cross-Over Long DC. Or simply follow this link:

In this pattern I used a lot of stitch markers too. It is needed for the pattern since it calls for continuous round without joining. In the market you will find different kinds of stitch markers used for crochet.

There are plastic stitch markers that you can purchase:

Or you can make your own cute stitch markers like this:

While others needed a stitch counter which is basically the same as stitch markers:

For my stitch marker, I used these:

Yup, it's a safety pin, I used the smallest one, and hair pins. Basically, you can purchase stitch markers or you can simply customize your own.

Last week, we dropped by at Larah's house to hand her her gift. She liked it and she said 'it's cool'. I'm glad that she liked the crochet hat that I made.

And look, it fits her too. (color is different from this photo)

Until my next crochet project Cute-rs! Happy crocheting...


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