Sunday, August 11, 2013

Fifth Crochet Beanie Project: Jacob Ladder Hat - Part 2

This is my second time making this crochet hat design...

I made this beanie for a friend. She wants this same pattern. But this time she wants it in all black.

The result is better than my first try for this pattern. Simply because I have learned more in crocheting and this time I know what to do and now I know how to get the size for the beanie.

The above photo is the beginning of the project. As I've said, this time the beanie fits really good. I am just so proud of my project.

As you can observe, the brim is almost perfect. The beanie looks really nice. I made a very nice beanie because I've learned how to crochet the hat based on the right size.

On crocheting a beanie you need to know the following:

- your gauge

- your HAT circumference

- your HAT diameter

Here is one pattern that I follow on how to get the size of the beanie:

Age         Head Size             Hat Size         Hat Height  Flat Circle Diameter
0-6 months 13 – 15in             12 -14  inches      4.5 – 5 inches  4 inches
6-12 months 16 – 19 inches      14 – 18 inches     5.5 inches          4.5 inches
1 – 3 Years 18 – 21 inches     17 – 20 inches     6.5 inches          5.5 inches
4+ years         20 – 22 inches     19 – 21 inches     7.5 inches          6 inches
Women 22 inches             20 inches        8.5 inches          6.5 inches
Men         23 inches             21 inches        9.5 inches          6.75 inches

Though the pattern is written in inches, it will work just fine if you measure in centimeters.

For making the brim, Claire's instruction on this video is very clear and easy to follow. In fact I've used this brim pattern with my other crochet hat project. Here's the link again:

If you want to know the difference between my first Jacob Ladder Hat project and this one click on this link:

I'm also glad that my friend, Rose, like the beanie that I made for her.

Wow! I feel accomplished by simply finishing a crochet project and a feeling of happiness when I am making it for someone.

All the best Cute-rs,

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