Monday, August 19, 2013

Crochet Project: Shell Beanie

Hi Cute-rs! Presenting my third crochet hat for my mom, technically this is my hmm....well I lost count. Anyway...This is a Shell Hat with a touch of butterfly accent.

The pattern is free from this link:

I omit the flowers and replaced it with a butterfly design by Clare. Here's the two part video tutorial of the butterfly crochet:

Part 1 -
Part 2 -

Isn't the butterfly cute?!

I used a shade of green for the base color.

This hat is called a Shell Hat because of the shell stitch. Shell stitch is an adaptable stitch with many variations. To make a shell stitch, work 4/5 double crochet stitches in the same stitch.

And here's the Shell Beanie, it's nice right

Then, here's the butterfly design, I attached it on the right side of the beanie.

...a closer look at the butterfly.

There you have it Cute-rs I hope you all like it. This crochet project is a nice gift, I think my mom will give this away. Anyway, I hope who ever get this will like it.

Until my next project...happy crochet!


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