Monday, August 12, 2013

Crochet Project: Mary Jane Slippers

So finally I made my very own Mary Jane Slippers!

I tried a few time before I made this one out. One of my main problem in doing this crochet project is the size of my hook. I only got bigger size like 5mm and what I need for this slippers is about 3-3.75mm. Why? Basicall, I have small feet about the size of 6 and the pattern that I usually get on the internet has size 9 so if I want a smaller result I needed a smaller hook.

But this time, I knew what to do and how to do it.

I wanted my first slippers to be red!

I started crocheting the top of my slippers...

I followed this pattern:

I made little adjustments though, instead of finishing until Round 4 (from the pattern), I stopped at Round 3 with 24DC's all in all.

Then to make the sole, I went back and forth in ROWS. Doing dc into the first 20 stitches, leaving 4 st unworked.

Take note: slipper should be smaller than foot before. After That from hook 5mm I changed to hook 2mm. Another note: 2mm is too small for a slipper so I only use this at the last part to make the slipper fit my foot.

To add some touches to my slippers, I made a bow.

This really made my day! This is soooo cute!

I hope you like my slippers Cute-rs...until next time...


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