Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Crochet Project: Crochet Brim Hat

Another successful beanie ❤

This Crochet Brim Hat is for our helper at home, she chose the color combination and the pattern. I followed this link: It's not a difficult one, it's an almost all dc stitch. I made the beanie quite long, since the owner of this beanie has a long face.

Here's the beginning of the beanie. It's a head circumference of 22"

Then here's the finished beanie.

I made the flower in this color combination of purple and white.

And here's the flower attached to the beanie.


I feel accomplished when someone liked my work. And it's a bonus when they really wear it. Oh I love making more beanies and crochet projects...

These past few days been busy. I like it but I miss crocheting...haven't done one in a few days...anyway, I hope you Cute-rs like this Crochet Brim Hat. The link for the pattern is above, go check it out. This is very easy pattern to follow, very nice for a beginner.

Until next time, happy crochet!


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