Thursday, August 08, 2013

Chito Miranda and Neri Naig Sex Scandal Issue

Chito Miranda defends Neri against bashers...

“Me and my girlfriend are NOT saints obviously (me, being very far from it), but she is a good person and those who really know her, know that she is. And I love her very much,” he said.

Obviously I'm not a saint either and a celebrity so I am not going to bash nor judge Chito and Neri. Basically, these are two consenting adults and there is no law that prohibits them from video recording their intimate moment together. It's their choice.

Netizens have different opinion. some sympathy with them while others are raising an eyebrow. Personally, I don't agree in this act of video recording especially if it's an intimate moment. First of all it's private. It is called private because it's not for the public to see. Second, it's something that couples should never share to anyone nor talk to anyone about it.

Well of course, Chito and Neri never did want anyone to find there intimate moment together. It's just a bad thing that someone stole Chito's CPU where all the FILES are hidden there. Unluckily, the FILES are not hidden anymore where almost everyone in the country knows about it.

To clear this out. What you do with your personal life is not a crime nor a sin for us to condemn. But whatever you chooses to do be prepared of the consequences if something like this should happen. There are ways and means to keep something like this private but often, there are situations that are out of our league.

I hope people would stop bashing Neri. What she did is not a crime, she is just in love. For Chito, I hope that this occurrence should serve him a lesson to never record anything like this again. Not for him but for the sake his partner.

I sympathize with Neri especially. I just hope Chito marries her or else...


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