Friday, July 12, 2013

"The Vampire Diaries" Casts starts to shoot for Season 5

It is confirmed, "The Vampire Diaries" casts are back in Mystic Falls!

The photo above was taken from Ian Somerhalder's Instagram account and he quote, "He's back... Shooting 1st scene of Season 5 right now"

I am so thrilled after I saw Ian's posts. I'm such a big fan and knowing that they started shooting again sends me excitement.

Ian tweets,


Candice Accola is equally thrilled as well.

It's back to school for Elena and Caroline. They are actually going to attend some classes as they head to college for Season 5. And it's going to be twice the fun. Oh...what about Bonnie?! Crap, yeah I remembered, she died at the end of Season 4. ☹

But wait, how about the newly born Katerina?! She's human now right?! I-AM-SO-LOOKING-FORWARD-TO-THIS!

Anyway, there will be three new recurring characters in Season 5, someone in college from the upperclassman at Caroline's school will catch her attention. Let's see what Tyler will do. Then there's a good-looking but moody professor that Elena and Caroline should deal with. Plus a new doctor in town that will dig into the 'vampire' secrets that will definitely piss Damon off.

There's a lot of stories to be revealed in Season 5. Some are old, some are new. And another trouble on the lose is Stefan's doppelganger. This might ruin our lovely casts lives  in Mystic if they have any lovely lives at the moment.

Are you hungry for more information? Try to visit next time and I'll give you some updates about our favorite TV Series and from our favorites casts...


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