Monday, July 29, 2013

First Crochet Beanie Project: Jacob Ladder Hat

Hi Cute-rs! Lately I've been into crocheting. I love CROCHET! Since I am now officially going gaga over my craft, I decided to share it with all of you Cute-rs out there. The first beanie that I made is called: Jacob Ladder Hat Crochet.

This design is chosen by my daughter. When I decided to make a beanie, it's going to be for her first, so I asked her to browse on the internet and youtube and find me a design to follow. She showed me a lot of designs but we decided that this is the one.

The pattern that I followed was on youtube, here's the link:

The yarn that I used is a Red Heart Yarn, light brown, shade - 81, hook size is 5mm.

Crocheting is not new to me, I learned how to crochet when I was still in Highschool. A few years back I crocheted mini baskets I did quite a few. Then this year I went back to crocheting, this time I decided that I want to make something that we can wear or use.

First on my task is to buy bigger hooks (for bigger results, of course). Looking for one is not easy since it's always out of stock at stores here near in our place. Then one morning, we found bigger hooks to buy. (I was so excited that time and actually jumping for joy! Hooray!!!)

As you can see I have few smaller hooks then I now have 2 not so big hooks (but just fine).

Here's the base cap of my beanie, as you can see it's too wide. My instinct told me that I am making a bigger beanie. I was right, I should have listened to my instinct. Instead I continued on. The result was not as perfect as it should be. The size is a little bit bigger than me and my daughter's head circumference.

I was taught how to measure the head's circumference for the beanie, but instead of following that I added one more line just to be sure. Too bad, that is not that way it supposed to be.

Then it's done after about 5 hours. (or more)

It's shows that I made the beanie a little loose, (now I learned my lesson). Will do better next time, I promise.

If you want to make this design for your beanie, I suggest you follow the link mentioned above or you may go to this site:

Claire, the one giving the tutorial is really nice. I learned so much from her. I already did 3 beanies from her youtube tutorial. As I've said, this is the first beanie that I made, later I'll show you the two more that I crocheted.

Currently, I'm now on my fourth beanie. The beanie is a gift for my daughter's friend, after I finished crocheting it I'll post it also here on my blog.

Also on my next entry, my failed Slippers Crochet. How did it go and why? =(

Until my next entry...Happy Crocheting!


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