Monday, June 24, 2013

Director of "Man of Steel" Thank the Philippines in a Video

The director of “Man of Steel”, Zach Snyder has released a thank-you video for the Philippines, he expressed his gratitude towards Filipinos for giving the movie “ a huge, huge welcome”. “Man of Steel” opened two weeks ago with a record for biggest first-day gross in history with P69.52 million, it breaks other films including “Iron Man 3”.

To date, “Man of Steel” has grossed P346 million after 12 days of release, becoming the most successful title ever for Warner Bros. Philippines.

“Man of Steel” stars Henry Cavill in the role of Clark Kent/Kal-El, Amy Adams, Kevin Costner, Laurence Fishburne and Russell Crowe.

My family and I watched this movie the first day it was shown here in Manila, that was June 12. And we were all excited and really had a wonderful time. We watched it last full show, people are not to many and we had a good sit too.

While holding the tickets

Inside the cinema

After the movie

I am giving 10 out of 10 for “Man of Steel” and at long last, they have created a  movie about Superman that is worth every cent and every moment. This is one of the best Superman movie I had seen and I can't wait to watch the second installment for it.

Director Zach Snyder and writer Christopher Nolan did a great job. And oh I must say, Henry Cavill gave justice to Superman's role, have you noticed his abs? --- Well who could have missed it! Though, I really hope they choose a better Lois Lane...



joiz said...

Hello. Watched "The Man of Steel" a few days after it premiered kahit na masama pa rin ang pakiramdam ko. They really put a lot of love into making the film possible, the editing was superb! The start to be honest was kinda' dragging/boring for me. But as the action scenes started, I totally disregarded the initial boredom I felt. I agree that they could have picked a better Louis Lane kasi di din siya nagclick sa akin. She looks a lot better with Patrick Dempsey. Pero...any ideas on who you think would work better as Louis Lane?

ShawCute said...

Tame kasi for me ang hitsura ni Amy Adams, I am imagining a more tough personality for the character of Louis Lane. I say Natalie Portman and Erica Durance are both ok for the role. Teri Hatcher is ok too, kaso she's a bit old na for Henry Cavill.

I've been a fan of Superman eversince kaya itong movie na to is parang heaven sent hahaha...And btw, part 2 will be released on 2014. :)