Thursday, May 09, 2013

The Lotus F1 Team Philippine Road Show with Marlon Stockinger

Awesome speed of Formula 1! The loud roar of the F1 engine is just so amazing! First time in the Philippines with our very own Marlon Stockinger.

Marlon Stockinger
Last Sunday, May 5, 2013, my family and I went to SM Mall of Asia Concert Grounds to witness the first ever Formula 1 Road Show. It was such a great experience for all of us and such an exciting event. I was so excited because first, it was the first time that a Formula 1 car was ever brought to the Philippines and second, it's because of the Fil-Swiss F1 Junior Racer Marlon Stockinger.

Marlon Stockinger is the first Filipino who ever driven an F1 car. Marlon born April 4, 1991 is a Filipino-Swiss who grew up here in the Philippines and was sent to Europe to pursue a racing career.

At Mall of Asia's atrium, there was the display of Formula 1 where people can see and take pictures of.

See the Marlon Stockinger dummy at our back? Well, it's not as handsome as Marlon but nice work. Anyway, we had our picture taken with the people who are taking care of the F1 driving simulation which is open for public. Too bad we missed on this one.

At 12:30pm, under the heat of the sun we witnessed Cart Racers who showed-off in the road of Mall of Asia.

Then at 1pm, it's the great road show of Formula 1 with Marlon Sotckinger on the driver's seat. The sun is high, we are sweating our selves, but we don't mind. Imagine it's Formula 1 here in Manila. Wow! We were all mesmerized.

After Marlon's first road show of the day, we had our chance to take pictures of the cars displayed in the area.

Plus we also took a picture of a huge Formula 1 Steering Wheel.

My daughter was also pleased to have tried on sitting on one of the carts from Auts Racing Team. And we also had a chance to pose with their drivers.

Go Auts Racing Team
At 4pm, another round of Formula 1 Road Show by Marlon Stockinger. This time, people are thicker and we are sweating like mad already. But then, we don't mind because we really did enjoyed the F1 road show. I had to say that we got one of the best spot on the show. We see everything from our location.

See Marlon being interviewed by Dyan Castillejo? That's where we are located. Nice view right?!

I also saw an opportunity to have our picture taken with one of the Senior Engineer of the Lotus F1 Team. This kind man told us that after Manila they will be going to Barcelona.

And the Formula 1 Road Show begins and ends with a loud roar. Wow, this is the first time I ever heard an F1 scream. It's just so loud that I thought my eardrums would burst, but it didn't, and it was beautiful and amazing.

Formula 1

I'm so glad that I had a chance to pose with Marlon Stockinger. I know he will be famous someday. He will carry our Filipino flag to fame and I am just so proud.

Prior to Formula Renault Series, Marlon Stockinger won titles and honors from international derbies such as the Formula BMW Pacific 2008 Championships, the Senior Rotax Max World Finals 2007, the Asian Karting Championship 2006, the Junior Rotax Max-World Finals 2005 and the Philippine Shell Super Karting Series 2002.

In February this year, Marlon Stockinger became a member of the Lotus F1 Team as one of the seven junior team drivers. As one of Lotus' drivers, he will be supported by Lotus to improve his driving skills, physical fitness, health and nutrition, social and mental develoment, business ethics and principals and his PR training. All these are in preparation for Marlon's future careers.

At The Lotus F1 Team Philippine Road Show event, Matteo Guidicelli is one of the host. And again, lucky me to have him strike a pose for a picture.

Other celebrities we saw on the event are Dyan Castillejo and Mark Nelson, both from "Sports Unlimited" one of ABS-CBN's show.

Then there's Matteo Guidicelli again, this time with rumored girlfriend, Jessy Mendiola.

Watching the Lotus F1 Team Philippine Road Show event is tiring because of the heat of the sun. It was so freakin' hot and I am not kiddin' when I said freakin' because the heat is just too much. But surprisingly, people are willing to stand under the heat of the sun to watch an F1 road show. And I am glad that I did too with my family.

Since that event, I became a certified F1 fan and a certified Marlon Stockinger fan.

If ever they thought of bringing Formula 1 Race in the Philippines, I'll definitely watch it. Especially if it's Marlon Stockinger on the driver's seat.


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