Saturday, April 20, 2013

My Dark Chocolate Mint Cookies

My favorite flavor of all time, Peppermint!

After baking my first try Chocolate Chip Cookies, now I incorporated it with one of my favorite flavor, Peppermint. Looking for Peppermint Chips is not easy in stores here in Manila, so the easiest way for me to achieve a peppermint taste is by adding "Peppermint Oil". I bought mine in a Baking Supply near our place.

Failed cookie dough...

My first attempt of Mint Cookies didn't turn out the way I expect it. As you can see my dough is shiny (photo above). Meaning it's so soft and a failure. Plus the chocolate chips I put on top didn't melt as I want them. It melted too much and caused my cookies to flat.

So I made some revisions. I added flour to make the cookie dough work out. Also I put my dough in the fridge for almost 10 hours to chill.

For the peppermint oil, I added 2 drops for an approximately 2 cups of flour of more. And for the color green, (since it's peppermint in flavor I added the color green for distinction), I added about 4 drops. However, you can add more for an intense green color.

My second attempt of baking my revised dough.

Baking for about 10 minutes.

Finally, my Mint Cookies are done.

I used Dark Chocolate Chips for my Mint Cookies, it enhances the flavor my cookie and it goes well with the minty flavor. And I so love it!

As you can see, the green color on my cookies is very light. You may want to add more green food color if you want. As for the taste, well, according to my daughter, my favorite critic, it taste soooo delicious!

I'll definitely do this again, and if I do, I'll post the recipe for everybody to try too.


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