Sunday, April 14, 2013

Dog Party!!!

Parties as always are tiring, fun but really worth it!

The Packed of Dog Walkers
This was the first time we had dog visitors at home. Bubbly, my puppy, is very excited to have met new friends. 


The first time Bubbly met with Chewy and Newsy I was a little nervous, since I don't know how they will react with each other. Luckily, they behaved well.

My Bubbly at that time was only 5 months old. Chewy is 1 year and Newsy is 1 year and 6 months.

Chewy the Shih Tzu

Newsy the Shih Tzu
All three of them, Bubbly, Chewy and Newsy are Shih Tzus. I was so excited to see to Bubbly interact with other dogs.

After a little meet-up at home, a little introductions and a little playtime we decided to take the dogs for a walk. We all enjoyed our walk!

Fluffy the Japanese Spitz
Aside from the Shih Tzus, my 11 year old Japanese Spitz, Fluffy also enjoyed the walk. A late comer dog party member came and joined the walk too, Tracy.

After a long day of play and walk, Bubbly and her friend, Chewy took a rest. See how cute they are?!

You know what's funny about the whole walking thing, my Bubbly didn't walked at all. I carried her all through out and when I put her down she does not move from her spot. LOL!

Well, I fully understand my Bubbly, she's only 5 months old and she's still scared to walk outside. I know one day she'll be ready to walk with me. (✿◠‿◠)

All in all I enjoyed the Dog Party at home. Aside from our four legged furiends...I also enjoyed the company of our visitors.

It was a nice experience for my puppy, Bubbly and a very warm experience for me too. Not only I gained furiends, I also gained new friends.

How about you Cute-rs, do you like to attend a Dog Party?


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