Sunday, April 14, 2013

Back on Track!

Hi Cute-rs it's me again, and I'm back!

I begun my blog journal again by posting Yummy Chocolate Chip Cookies and I felt how I miss posting here. More on, I miss posting about me.

It has been busy weeks for me, whew! Busy times never stops and I thank God because I have something to do...

There are a lot of overdue topic that I want to share with all of you but the thing is, I don't have much time. Now here I am nibbling on my computer and starting to work on my blog again. I was out for more than two weeks I think and there are a few happenings in my life.

There's my daughter's graduation,  dog party at home, taking care of my puppy, Bubbly and my new/old hobby baking.

For starters, I want to share each event with you Cute-rs in details, so hopefully I can do it all.

Now, I'll head on to my next topic...until then my dear Cute-rs! I hope all of you had a wonderful time...

All the best,

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