Thursday, April 18, 2013

After Nine Long Months Ser Chief Finally Said "I Love You" to Maya

It's the #SerChiefAndMayaNationaliLOVEYOUDay

Fans of "Be Careful With My Heart" is really excited after hearing Ser Chief, played by Richard Yap, said the three magic word, "I Love You" to Jodi Sta. Maria's character, Maya yesterday.

It's been one so 'kilig' moment for all of us fans.

The series "Be Careful With My Heart" is one of the best series so far in Philippine Television for me. It's light and ha a feel good effect on it's viewers. It does not involve villain who only wishes ill to the main character. But this one, it only delivers positive vibes to everyone.

I love watching "Be Careful With My Heart". Do you Cute-rs?


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joiz said...

So true na nakakasawa na ang mga kidnapping scenes at mga evil plots. They should make more tv series like this para di syado brainwash ang mga tao on the evils of this world.