Friday, March 08, 2013

"Oz: The Great and Powerful"

Another Disney movie that we watched and liked!

Planning to watch "Oz: the Great and Powerful" does not come in a rush. We plan like a few days ahead. My hubby knew I love Disney movies, especially the ones with magic. So discussing to watch this film is not difficult. Like we usually do, we watched this on the first day it was shown here in the Philippines which was scheduled  yesterday March 7. And so we did watched it at SM Southmall Cinema 7.

Reserving seats is not difficult since there are not too many people interested in watching "Oz: the Great and Powerful". We were seated in our second favorite position.

The opening scenes was in black and white. And to our little dismay, the movie was not in wide screen. I even heard the girl next to our seat commenting the same issue. Apparently I figured it out. The scene was shot somewhere in 1905, so it is expected that it must be in black and white.

But after a while, Oz (the name of the main character) was blew into a strange place while riding a hot air balloon. The scene changed into wide screen and from black and white it turned colored.

Then that's it. It's the beginning of Oz' great adventure and the rest is history.

Honestly, the movie is not the perfect movie to watch. But it's good for the whole family especially the kids. No dull moments there, full of fun and laughter. Like what my hubby said, the story is very light and simple. For me, it has a good feeling effect towards the end.

I wonder if there's a part two since the ending is abruptly cut. I'm not sure. Or maybe it's just me wanting more...

Anyway, my movie date with hubby and daughter turned out well and that is all that matters.


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