Saturday, March 23, 2013

Kris Aquino will stay in showbiz!

She will not leave just yet...

Here's a statement released by ABS-CBN in accordance with Kris' "resignation".

23 March 2013 
Ms. Kris Aquino and her kids are going on an earlier planned vacation starting today, March 23. 
Upon her return, Kris will fulfill her commitments to her soap “Kailangan Ko’y Ikaw,” which is nearing its end. She will also have to stay as a judge in “Pilipinas Got Talent” till its end on June.  
Being a foreign franchise, there are commitments we have to fulfill and rules we need to abide by. 
Kris TV had taped advanced episodes in anticipation of her long planned vacation with her sons.  
Ms. Kris aquino and ABS-CBN management are also scheduled to meet upon her return to Manila.  
Meanwhile, we wish Kris and her sons a peaceful and restful vacation. We respect her need for privacy at this difficult time. 
- Bong R. Osorio, Head of ABS-CBN Integrated Corporate Communications
This is a released official statement from ABS-CBN management. So to all Kris fans and Cute-rs out there, cool. Kris is not leaving showbiz. At least not just yet...

After Kris' three running shows today that's the time we can say that Kris might leave showbiz for good...or not! Let's all just wait and see.

So, to all of Kris' fans rejoice for your idol will not leave the lime light yet and to all of Kris' haters...don't worry. Nothing and no one last forever...even you!!!


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Nick said...

It will be great to see more of this incredibly beautiful and talented lady.