Friday, February 22, 2013

To Cesar Montano: "I Love You, Goodbye" -- Sunshine Cruz

Sunshine believes it's time to set Cesar free...

"I just realized I did everything for the man I loved for the past 13 years. I fought, lied and cried just to protect the love of my life pero sabi nga nila kung mahal mo ang tao set him free. I'm doing what I think is best. After all, if you feel na hindi na masaya o kontento ang tao sa 'yo, bakit kailangang ipilit," Sunshine said.

Cesar and Sunshine had been married for 13 years. She also said, that when her life will be made into a movie, she would give it the title, "I Love You, Goodbye".

In Twitter, Sunshine also changed her surname back to Cruz, from @shinemontano to @sunshinecruz77.

Is this mean the end of Cesar and Sunshine married life? We hope not. But only they can know better.


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