Friday, February 08, 2013

Mariel Rodriguez affected by Robin Padilla and Kris Aquino love team in "Kailangan Ko'y Ikaw"

In the hit teleserye, "Kailangan Ko's Ikaw" Kris-Robin spark is back! And the fans love it...

Mariel Rodriguez was reported to have been affected by the growing love-team of Robin Padilla and his former girlfriend-slash-current love team Kris Aquino. It seems that the love scenes of the two is greatly affecting Robin's wife.

This is strongly proven by Mariel's tweets after the wedding and honeymoon scenes in "Kailangan Ko's Ikaw".

Mariel posted in twitter and instagram, "Only human... Of course I get jealous when they hug you, because in that moment, they have my whole world in their arms".

She also told her husband, "No It's Not OK"  and "I DO NOT CARE". And finally she she said, "U think its okay because it has to be okay but ITS NOT. That's life"

But last Wednesday, the table turn for Mariel Rodriguez, she became happy after Kris Aquino talked to her and her's Kris' tweet to Mariel,  "I'm so happy we talked. Be happy forever okay?"

Mariel responded in a tweet, "Thank you very very much ate kris!!!! :)"

She also shared the roses that Robin gave her, "I miss you so much robinhoodpadilla sorry for being such a brat!"

I thinks this is both funny and cute. Cute because Mariel got jealous. And funny because Mariel got jealous over Robin's work.


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