Monday, February 25, 2013

Gretchen's daughter, Dominique Barretto-Cojuangco celebrated her 18th Birthday

Dominique can't control her tears when Boy Abunda read her dad's letter for her.

Dominique said she will never be able to thank her parents enough for raising her well and for teaching her the values of life.

As for Dominique, she is not closing her door to the world that her mother, Gretchen has. She recalled the day she visited her mom in one of "Princess & I" taping, “It was so much fun. I can’t imagine how they do it there. They work for long hours and the atmosphere is so positive, they are all so happy and so vibrant. I love it. I love it,” 

She also shared the joy of watching her mom's project on TV, “I start laughing [when I see her on TV]. That sounds really mean. But it’s like, it’s just so strange, especially when she has those very intense scenes where she’s crying, or angry. I find it hilarious. She’s very good, she’s amazing but I find it so funny because it’s not her personality at all. She’s a happy person so it’s so funny to see her so angry and shaking,” 

One day, Dominique might try showbiz, “I might. I don’t like saying I wouldn’t try something because I think life is about trying new things and taking all opportunities,” but she emphasize on finishing her studies first. “I definitely want to finish school first before anything else. I’m excited because I’m moving to London after I graduate in August”.

Dominique Barretto-Cojuangco has grown up in one fine lady. And one day, just one day we'll see her in TV too...


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