Monday, February 18, 2013

Gerard Anderson rented a helicopter for his date with Maja Salvador!

And it cost Gerard more than P100,000 for one Valentine Date!

The rumored couple Gerard Anderson and Maja Salvador spent their Valentine's in one of Tagaytay's high-end restaurant in Antonio's Garden. They went there via helicopter ride.

It was also reported that Gerard had rented a helicopter for more than P100,000. The rental service of the helicopter includes Manila-Tagaytay package. The package includes a bouquet of flowers, a stuffed toy, chocolates and a bottle of champagne for the couple. It also includes a romantic lunch at Antonio’s Gardens.

However, the rumored relationship and the extravagant Valentine's Date has yet to be confirm or deny. But in one of Maja's post in Instagram she posted an aerial view of an allegedly Antonio’s Gardens.

In one of previous interview of Gerard he confirmed his assurance of wanting to court Maja. Well I guess this is it. “Yeah I would love to [court her] kung bibigyan niya ako ng chance. I’d love to get to know her better, para mas makilala namin ang isa’t isa,” -- Gerard.


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