Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Feast of the Black Nazarene

The statue of the Black Nazarene is celebrated on three annual occasions which the statue comes out of the church and was presented to it's million devotees. First on New Years Day, second on Good Friday and third on January 9.

The Traslacion 2013 Procession of the Black Nazarene to be held tomorrow, Jauary 9, 2013 at the Quiapo Church and the highlight of the celebration is at the Grand Procession which will start at the Quirino Grandstand or Luneta at around 7:00 AM and will continue onward.

Here's the Route to where the Black Nazarene will be carry on.

From Quirino Grandstand (Luneta), right Katigbak Drive thru P. Burgos,left Taft Ave.(P.Burgos) thru McArthur Bridge,right Palanca,thru under Quezon Bridge,left Quezon Blvd.,right Fraternal,right Vergara,left Duque de Alba,left Castillejos,left farnecio,right Arlegui,left Nepomuceno,left Aguila,right Carcer,right Hidalgo thru Plaza Del Carmen,left Bilibid Viejo thru Puyat,left Guzman,right Hidalgo,left Barbosa,right Globo de Oro thru under Quezon Bridge,right Palanca,right Villalobos thru Plaza Miranda to Quiapo Church.

Affected Areas During Procession 

  • Expect Heavy Traffic
  • Stretch of Roxas Blvd./Bonifacio Drive from Anda Circle to TM Kalaw north and southbound lane.
  • Southbound of Quezon Blvd. from Recto to Palanca (subway-isetan Recto)
  • Stretch of Lerma from P.Campa to Quezon Blvd.
  • Taft Ave./Finance (westbound lane).
  • Lagusnilad/P.Burgos (westbound lane).
  • P.Burgos/Taft Ave (Freedom Triangle-northbound lane).
  • Villegas/N.A Lopez.
  • 25th Street/Bonifacio Drive (southbound lane).
Road Closure 
  • January 8, 2013 - 8:00 AM, katigbak Drive and South Drive will be closed to traffic.
  • at 4:00 AM, January 9, 2013, southbound lane of Quezon Blvd. (Quiapo), from Andalucia/Fugoso to Plaza Miranda and España/P.Campa/Lerma shall be closed to traffic for Public Utility vehicles (PUV) only.
  • At 5:00 AM total closure for all types of vehicles shall be implemented.
North Area (5:00 AM)

1. P Campa/España
2. Nicanor Reyes/España
3. Andalucia/Fugoso
3. Recto/Issetan (Service Road)
4. Raon/Evangelista

South Area (6:00 AM)

1. Ma. Orosa/P.Burgos
2. Lagusnilad/P.Burgos
3. Taft/Finance/Westbound
4. A. Villegas/Taft Ave. (LRT)
5. 25th Street/Bonifacio Drive
6. N.A. Lopez/A. Villegas
7. Anda Circle/Bonifacio Drive
8. Gen. Luna/P.Burgos
9. Roxas Blvd. TM Kalaw
10. katigbak/Roxas Blvd.

Re-Routing of Vehicles 
  • All vehicles coming from Quezon City using the stretch of España shall turn right P.Campa,left Andalucia,right Fugoso,left T.Mapua to point of destination.
  • All PUJs/light vehicles coming from España intending to proceed to South Pier Zone turn left Nicanor Reyes,right Recto straight to JAS,left Reina Regente take Jones Bridge,right Magallanes Drive to point of destination.
  • All vehicles coming from northern part of Manila intending to utilize the stretch of Bonifacio Drive southbound shall turn right Roberto S. Oca St.,left Delgado,left 25th St.,left Bonifacio Drive (for Port Area offices) or shall take right to A. Soriano to magallanes Drive,right P.Burgos,go straight to Lagusnilad to Taft Ave.
  • All vehicles coming from southern part of Manila intending to utilize the stretch of P.Burgos shall take TM Kalaw,left Taft Ave.,right A Villegas,right Quezon Bridge to point of destination (NOTE: northbound of Quezon Blvd. is open to traffic).
  • All vehicles coming from southern part of Manila intending to utilize the northbound or Roxas Blvd. from P.Ocampo to P.Burgos shall turn right TM Kalaw left Taft Ave. to point of destination.
  • All PUJs plying Monumento-Gasak-Recto intending to utilize Andalucia thru Recto shall turn right Oroqueta to point of origin.
  • All vehicles coming fromLegarda shall turn right Recto or left Mendiola to point of destination.
  • All vehicles using Taft Ave. northbound shall turn right A. Villegas (Arroceros) right Quezon Bridge to point of destination.
  • All heavy vehicles/Cargo Trucks coming from the south shall take Pres. Osmeña, Pres. Quirino to Nagtahan via AH Lacson to Capulong (vise versa).
  • All motorist intending to proceed to North of Manila or South of Manila shall advise to utilize the stretch of AH Lacson to Nagtahan (vise versa) or to utilize stretch of Road-10 to Roxas Blvd. (vise versa) to point of destination.
  • All buses coming from eastern part of Manila particularly G-Liner/RRCG utilizing Legarda shall turn right Palanca to Quiapo Ilalim to point of destination.
  • All buses coming from Taft. going to Fairview shall right UN Ave. up to Otis left Nagtahan go straight AH Lacson,right España to point of origin.
  • All buses coming southern part of Manila laguna & Cavite utilizing taft Ave. are not allowed to enter from 7:00 AM to 2:00 PM and allowed only up to Remedios St. right San Marcelino back to point of Origin.
Brief History:

The statue's original Mexican sculptor is unknown but the image arrived in Manila via a galleon ship from Acapulco, Mexico. Folk tradition attributes the dark color of the statue to a fire on the ship carrying it, charring the white image to its present dark complexion.

Church records in Intramuros district note that there were two identical images of Black Nazarene brought to Manila. The first was kept in San Nicolas de Tolentino church in Bagumbayan and later transferred to Intramuros when the old edifice was demolished. This Black Nazarene was bombed and destroyed in the 1945 Battle of Manila.

The other statue was given by the Recollect Priests to the Quiapo church, and it has been often mistaken by many to be the first destroyed statue during the war.

The Black Nazarene is followed by millions of devotees, and if you decide to take part in the event, be prepared. Most in the crowd go barefoot as a sign of humility as they follow the statue.

And because of the feast of the Black Nazarene tomorrow seven elementary and high schools will suspend classes:
  1. Manila High School
  2. Victoriano Mapa High School
  3. Apolinario Mabini Elementary School
  4. Geronimo Santiago Elementary School
  5. Ramon Avanceña High School
  6. Manila Science High School
  7. Araullo High School.
Classes will resume, Thursday, January 10, 2013.

As of this writing Quipo is all set for tomorrow's feast of the Black Nazarene. To God be the Glory...


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