Friday, January 18, 2013

Cesar Montano having an affair with Krista Miller???

Oh my?!

The showbiz industry has been on a stir right now with this big news. Sunshine Cruz is having problems with her marriage due to alleged secret romance of her husband Cesar Montano with Krista Miller

Using her Instagram account, Sunshine Cruz revealed her feelings about the rumored secret romance between Krista Miller and Cesar Montano, her husband. In response to the photos posted by Krista on Instagram, Sunshine appealed for respect and decency, according to her, Krista Miller should return what is not hers and what she doesn't deserve.

It seems that Krista is not discreet about the gifts Cesar has given her. Krista are posting photos of the gifts she has received from Cesar. Which in my knowledge are Sunshine's own things.

"I bought that shirt, and it is a guy's shirt for heaven's sake! The chocolate is from my [sister]-in-law and that is my iPhone 5. [Hindi] mo na dapat pinagmalaki sa social networking," -- Sunshine.

Sunshine Cruz-Montano via Twitter

  • @iamKRISTAMILLER I know you. Yes I do!;) ask my kids coz they know you too! Lol!:p
  • some talents would choose to have a career in showbiz the easy way. I dont believe in shortcuts. Magpursige ka, dapat marunong makisama at sana may RESPETO ka sa kapwa.;)
  • @iamKRISTAMILLER just have the decency to return the iphone 5 my dear. Im sure you can do better that that. @heavensmother she has my iphone5 and shirt! Lol!
Krista Miller on the other hand responded to Sunshine's allegations.

Krista is try to clear her name with this message, "Misinterpretation leads to wrong accusations. God bless!"

While Cesar is appealing to their friends,  to give him and Sunshine their understanding and prayers so they can resolve whatever differences they may have at this time.

In addition to all the heat, Geneva Cruz, Sunshine's cousin is slamming Krista Miller for meddling with her cousin's marriage. 

Geneva Cruz via Twitter
  • Mess w/ @shinemontano & you'll mess w/ our whole family too. We come in peace, pero konting respeto naman, babae ka rin. @iamkristamiller
  • Get ready to attack a recent invader of a family member. :p #trespassing @Somimilicious
  • Why do women try stealing some other woman's husband when they have so many single available men to choose from? What's wrong w/ you?
  • There's so many lonely single men waiting to meet the right woman. Men who would cherish a good woman & treat her like a queen!
  • But some women only want what they can't have. Her life partner could be standing right in front of her, but she won't even consider him!
  • I'll never understand it! And I refuse to do so. Hooking up with unavailable married men is death. There's no logic. No responsibility.
  • Girl, maybe if you treated yourself with some much needed respect you could win yourself a husband too!
  • You are so insensitive. What are you a non-living thing? Purchase your own husband & get off my cousin's. It's never too late to change.
  • "But he was the 1 that chased me!" Fine! A lot of married guys chase women, & married men knw very well how to chase em. But are you stupid?
  • Once you bite, the chase will be over for him & you will find it difficult to give him up. You think he'll leave his family for you? Think!
  • I was a wife half of my life & I know exactly how married women feel. #smh I have no interest in cheaters. Cheaters only deserve cheaters.
  • Don't cheat on your wives if you don't wanna be cheated on. What goes around, comes back around. Respeto lang.
  • You already have the SUN-- the biggest star in the universe in the palm of your hand, what are you doing w/ a dead star? :p #blackholealert
  • I feel better now. Haha! Sorry. :p I think married ppl should protect their relationships, most especially the ones with kids...
  • Kapag mahuli kayo ng mga anak nyo mag-cheat, ang mag su-suffer psychologically ay sila rin, kawawa naman. 'Wag naman. 'Wag kang selfish.

Atty. Bonifacio Alentajan confirmed that Sunshine is exploring her legal options. However, she also advised Sunshine to reconcile with her husband first before making any legal actions.

With that is happening adults should know that it's the kids who are suffering more. If the rumor is true, Krista should be ashamed. And Cesar, he should know better.

God Bless Sunshine and her kids.


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