Thursday, January 31, 2013

Bubbly's Anti-Rabies Shot

Yesterday, we brought Bubbly in a veterinary clinic...she did well!

Bubbly had her anti-rabies shot done by Dr. Emma, our friendly veterinarian.

When we arrived at the Parkdale Veterinary Clinic, Dr. Emma checked her eyes and got her temperature. All is well for our baby Bubbly. Then the shot begins. I was a little nervous at first because I know Bubbly will be hurt. The shot took less than a minute and Bubbly behaves well. I'm am so proud of my li'l fur baby.

We will be back on Feb 6, 2013 for Bubbly's 6-in-1 shot. Until then Bubbly is not allowed to take a bath. Small and quick sponge bath is allowed though.

I felt accomplished after Bubbly's shot because I know she is now free of rabies.

Oh I just love Bubbly, she is just like a baby!


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